Ahmad al-Y

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Ahmad al-Y commanded Ahrar al-Sham fighters and took part in an offensive in the city of Hama in April 2015. During this time, he allegedly subjected persons who were hors de combat to humiliating and degrading treatment by posing with the corpse of an enemy fighter and kicking the body of another. In addition, he appeared in a video, posted on YouTube, “singing to celebrate the deaths of fighters and referring to them as dogs”.



On 22 October 2019, Dutch police arrested Ahmad al-Y in an asylum center in Ter Apel, on suspicion of outrages upon personal dignity constituting a war crime. According to the Dutch Public Prosecutor, Ahmad al-Y was flagged by German authorities in 2015 when he spent a short time seeking asylum there before returning to Syria due to personal circumstances.

On 15 January 2020, Ahmad al-Y was heard before the High Secure Court in Amsterdam. The Public Prosecutor found a YouTube video showing Ahmad al-Y celebrating the death of government soldiers. The defense lawyer rejected this evidence and argued it would not be possible to ascertain that his client could be identified on the video.

On 21 April 2021, The Hague District Court found Ahmad al-Y guilty of membership in a terrorist organization and committing a war crime but acquitted him of the charges of outrage upon personal dignity. He was sentenced to six years in prison. The prosecution has appealed this decision.

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