Ahmad Zaheer D.

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Ahmad Zaheer D. is a former member of the Afghan military forces. In this capacity, he was reportedly responsible for interrogation of captured fighters on at least one occasion. While interrogating three detained fighters, Ahmad allegedly severely beat them by hand and by a plastic tube together with another military official. He apparently beat a prisoner, pulling him by the hair, while the other soldier stood nearby with an assault rifle in his hand. The exact time and place where these abuses allegedly occurred are still to be clarified.

 Ahmad is also alleged to have desecrated and battered the remains of an enemy commander while bragging that he has “killed him like a donkey”.  Then he allegedly showed villagers how to attach a meat hook to the dead man’s head before suspending him by a rope around his neck and saying he should be “hanged like a donkey”.


Legal Procedure

On 25 October 2018, the suspect was provisionally arrested by German authorities in the district of Ebersberg in the south of Germany near Munich. The arrest warrant was issued a day later. His apartment was searched by the authorities. He was put into custody while the investigations were ongoing.

The charges of war crimes of cruel and inhumane treatment as well as outrages upon personal dignity were brought before a Munich court on 29 March 2019.


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