Eugène Rwamucyo

25.03.2021 ( Last modified: 04.04.2022 )
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Eugène Rwamucyo is a Rwandan citizen. He was the head of the Center of Public Health of the University of Butare, Rwanda, during the genocide in 1994. He is accused of having supervised the burial of Tutsi victims and of finishing off those already injured in the Butare prefecture.


On 23 April 2007, the Collectif des parties civiles pour le Rwanda (CPCR) lodged a complaint against Rwamucyo for his alleged participation in the genocide. On 18 July 2007, the Prosecutor of Lille opened a judicial investigation, which was transferred to investigative judges of the Paris Tribunal in November 2007. CPCR was admitted as a civil party in the case at the opening of the investigation. The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) also became a civil party in 2010.

Rwamucyo was indicted by the investigative judges on 18 September 2013, and placed under judicial supervision.

On 19 December 2018, the investigative judge informed the parties that he had completed his investigation.

On 7 April 2020, the prosecution issued its final submission requesting that Eugène Rwamucyo be sent to trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.

On 13 October 2020, the investigative judge referred the case to the Paris Criminal Court for complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity.

In 2021, both the defense and civil parties lodged appeals against the decision to refer the case to the Paris Criminal Court.


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