Name withheld – Syrian national, alleged former member of Liwa al-Quds

17.04.2023 ( Last modified: 03.05.2023 )
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Arrest of a member of the pro-regime Liwa al-Quds militia over crimes against humanity and war crimes

Type of jurisdiction

Universal jurisdiction


Syrian national, alleged former member of Liwa al-Quds

Country of residence of suspect

The Netherlands


Crimes against humanity; war crimes; participating in an organization whose aim is to commit international crimes

Current status

Under investigation; detained


The pro-regime militia Liwa al-Quds in Syria was founded in the al-Nayrab Palestinian refugee camp near Aleppo. Armed by the Syrian regime, it has been deployed to arrest civilians and crush dissent.

The suspect was born in the al-Nayrab camp and is said to have been part of the militia Liwa al-Quds. In January 2013, the suspect allegedly arrested a civilian in his home in the al-Nayrab camp. The civilian was allegedly abused during the arrest and taken to a Syrian Air Force Intelligence prison, where he was reportedly tortured.

The 34-year-old Syrian suspect had been living in the Netherlands since 2020 and had applied for asylum there.


The Dutch police arrested the Syrian national in Kerkrade on 24 May 2022 on suspicion of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Syria in 2013. In August and October 2022, The Hague Court decided there were sufficient compelling reasons to keep him in custody.


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