Hadi Habeeb Hilal

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Hadi Habeeb Hilal was a sergeant in the Iraqi army and fought in the country’s ongoing civil war. In April 2015, he posted a photograph of himself holding the decapitated head of an Islamic State (IS) fighter on a public Facebook page. Hadi Habeeb Hilal admitted to posing for the photograph but denied any involvement in the man’s death, claiming he had died in a suicide attack on Iraqi forces.

Legal procedure

On 8 March 2016, Iraqi national Hadi Habeeb Hilal was charged with committing a war crime by the Finnish Prosecution Service. The accused, who arrived in Finland in 2015, was charged with desecrating the corpse of an enemy combatant as a war crime. On 22 March 2016, the Kanta-Hame District Court found Hadi Habeeb Hilal guilty of a war crime and sentenced him to a suspended prison sentence of 13 months.