Jebbar Salman Ammar

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As a member of a Shi’ite militia, Jebbar Salman Ammar fought Islamic State (IS) fighters during the ongoing civil war in Iraq. Following a battle in the city of Tikrit, he posed for three photos with the decapitated head of an IS fighter, which he later posted publicly on Facebook. During his trial, Jebbar Salman Ammar admitted to posting the images but denied any responsibility for the enemy fighter’s death, claiming he had died during battle.


Legal Procedure

On 8 March 2016, 29-year old Iraqi national Jebbar Salman Ammar was charged with one count of war crimes by the Finnish Prosecution Service. He was accused of desecrating the corpse of an enemy combatant who was under the protection of international humanitarian law.

On 19 March 2016, Jebbar Salman Ammar was found guilty of war crime and given a 16-month suspended sentence by the Pirkanmaa District Court.


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