Names withheld – Syrian officials

17.04.2023 ( Last modified: 03.05.2023 )
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Ongoing investigation for international crimes committed in Syria in 2017 against a French-Syrian national

Type of jurisdiction

Passive personality


Syrian officials

Country of residence of suspects



War crime of deliberately attacking civilians

Current status

Under investigation


On 7 June 2017, the city of Deraa, and more particularly the neighborhood of Tareq al-Sad, was heavily bombed by the Syrian army. This attack, targeted against civil infrastructures, claimed the life of Salah Abou Nabout, a French-Syrian national.


In 2017, a complaint was filed before the Paris Tribunal by Omar Abou Nabout, on behalf of his father, Salah Abou Nabout. Since then, a judicial investigation has been opened, and multiple witnesses and experts have been heard by the judges.


On 14 June 2022, the investigative judges requested the Paris prosecutor’s position on the issuance of international arrest warrants against certain Syrian officials for the war crime of deliberately attacking civilians committed in the city of Deraa on 7 June 2017.

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