Omaid N.

18.04.2018 ( Last modified: 15.07.2020 )
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Omaid N., an Afghan born in 1997, has allegedly joined the taliban early 2013 and supposedly helped them to transport weapons on at least one occasion.

Over the same period, he allegedly killed an Afghan policeman together with other members of his taliban unit. The latter had prior been captured and tied up to a tree by the unit commanders. Omaid N. allegedly hit him in the head with wooden slats, together with other members of the unit. Then, acting on the orders of one of the unit commander, he allegedly shot at him several times with a Kalashnikov-type semi-automatic rifle. The policeman died either from the beating or from the subsequent gunshots.

While he was reportedly supposed to participate in a suicide bombing together with other members of his unit, Omaid N. absconded and managed to reach Germany in November 2013 with the help of smugglers.


Legal procedure

On 19 May 2017, Omaid N. was arrested by German police forces and remanded in custody. An arrest warrant was issued against him on the same day.

On 18 January 2018, Omaid N. was indicted by German authorities for war crime and murder committed as a member of the Taliban. He is also accused of having violated the German gun control legislation. Omaid N. remains in custody pending his trial.


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