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" After my father was disappeared, we were treated like strangers by our community. "

 5 December 2018

Dear friends,

After her father, the family's breadwinner, was disappeared, Kamala had to take on all his responsibilities. At the same time, her family was being marginalized by their community. This shows how families are also victims, carrying the burden left by the perpetrators of the crime.

Kamala's story reminds us of the importance of fighting for justice on behalf of those who struggle to get their voices heard.

Following the launch of our End of Year Campaign on Giving Tuesday, we are counting on you today to donate and help us stand alongside victims of atrocities.

Like Kamala and her family, victims are searching for answers as to what has happened to thier loved ones. Your support can have a major impact for those fighting to achieve justice. 

Together we can create a world where impunity is no longer tolerated! 


Thank you for your continued trust,


Philip Grant, Director


P.S. : We are humbled to share Kamala's story as the second in our series. In the coming days, you will have the chance to hear Rémy's story from the DRC.


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