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Berlin/London/Geneva, 15 September 2015 – Electric shocks, beatings on the soles of the feet, stress positions during incommunicado detention: those who allow this type of torture can and must be held criminally liable – even abroad. Bahrain-born British citizen Jaafar Al-Hasabi has submitted a criminal complaint to the prosecuting authorities in Berne (Switzerland) a...

Enforced Disappearance in Nepal: UN decisions remain in limbo

29.08.2015 - (Last modified: 12.07.2017)
Globe Global
The decisions of the United Nations Human Rights Committee (HRC) on the conflict-era enforced disappearance cases have gone unimplemented. To date, the HRC has decided ten individual cases against Nepal and eight cases were related with enforced disappearance. Read the complete news release & media kit In five cases decided by the HRC, the victims’ fate and wher...
Sarajevo - After several years of legal battle, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentenced several soldiers of the Republika Srpksa Army (VRS) to 10 years each in prison for war crime. Bosiljko and Ostoja Markovic; were found guilty for rapes committed in Kotor Varoš district against a woman of Croatian nationality in June 1992. For the very first time in BiH histo...
The Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAGS) decided not to further prosecute the Swiss precious metals company Argor-Heraeus SA, that handled dirty African gold. While Swiss authorities acknowledged that Argor did refine looted gold and violated its duty of diligence, the case was nonetheless closed, a decision met with disbelief by the three NGOs working...
The Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted two days ago in urgent procedure important amendments to the Criminal Code. By recalibrating the crimes of torture, enforced disappearance and rape, the amended Criminal Code will help tackle widespread impunity, break the law of silence and provide justice and recognition to thousands of victims all across...
Geneva’s justice system has condemned  Erwin Sperisen for 10 murders. The former Guatemalan Chief of Police was found guilty of extrajudicial murders and sentenced to  life imprisonment. For the NGOs that denounced his actions, justice has now been done and this case will stand as an example in the continuing fight against impunity for State crimes. On 12 May 2015...

Erwin Sperisen: Appeal trial from 4 to 8 May 2015

30.04.2015 - (Last modified: 12.07.2017)
  Erwin Sperisen’s trial on appeal to be held from 4 to 8 May 2015 in Geneva: NGOs hope that the fight against i...
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Globe Global
TRIAL, ECCHR and FIDH have published their first annual review of the main universal jurisdiction cases in 2014. "Make W...
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TRIAL and Geneva Call praised by City of Geneva

26.03.2015 - (Last modified: 12.07.2017)
Globe Global
Under embargo until 7:pm UTC + 1   Geneva City Hall will pay homage to TRIAL and Geneva Call on Thursday 26 March 2015. The city's Mayor has awarded the two Geneva-based NGOs the "Genève reconnaissante" (Grateful Geneva) medal. Mr Sami Kanaan applauded "the fundamental role of these civil society actors in today's world". He also highlighted the "outstandin...

Burundi: Prison accused of involuntary manslaughter

11.03.2015 - (Last modified: 12.07.2017)
Burundi - mandated by TRIAL, a lawyer filed a complaint on behalf of M. Busuguru, who died in prison of tuberculosis one year ago to the day. In the light of neglect by the penitentiary authorities, the latter are accused of involuntary manslaughter. Consult the French version to see the full news.

BiH: NGOs urge authorities to accept UPR recommendations

11.02.2015 - (Last modified: 12.07.2017)
Sarajevo, 11/02/2015 - On behalf of 150 NGOs, TRIAL and its partner MyRight are sharing some key recommendations formulated by the United Nations Universal Periodic Review (UPR). This relatively new instrument of the United Nations Human Rights Council scrutinizes every country and assesses their human rights track record. In November 2014, BiH received 167 recommenda...

Morocco: NGO and victims of torture intimidated

10.02.2015 - (Last modified: 12.07.2017)
After ACAT (Action des Chrétiens pour l’abolition de la torture) was summoned to court by Morocco, 9 human rights NGOs are expressing their concern regarding criminal procedures against civilians who have filed torture complaints, and an NGO representing them. More: Version in French
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