Our Vision

Our Vision

TRIAL International believes that a world where impunity for international crimes is no longer tolerated is possible. The obligation to hold accountable the perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture and enforced disappearance, together with the opportunity for victims to obtain justice and reparation, will help to reduce the commission of these crimes.

Our Vision
“Fighting for justice helped me get my life back. I hope that my story and the positive verdict I received will serve as an example for other victims struggling to be heard.” (Lejla B., victim of sexual violence and forced labor in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Our Mission

Our Mission

TRIAL  International’s  mission  is  to  fight  for  justice  when  international  crimes  are  committed.  Such crimes  are genocide, crimes  against  humanity, war  crimes, enforced  disappearance, sexual  violence and extrajudicial execution. TRIAL  International relies  on  the  existing  legal  framework  and  is  convinced  that  a  judicious  yet imaginative  use  of  the  law  can  be  a  formidable  means  of  dealing  with  individual  cases and  bringing about structural change. The NGO also puts the law at the service of the victims of international crimes and  works  to  ensure  that  the  perpetrators  of  these crimes  are  brought  to  justice.

In  order  to  do  so, TRIAL International:

  • uses  the  power  of  the  law  to  fight  the  impunity  of  perpetrators,  accomplices  and  instigators  of international  crimes,  defends  the  interests  of  victims  before  international  courts  and  brings cases  before  the  appropriate  international  human  rights  bodies,  in  close  collaboration  with  its local partners and the victims
  • passes  on  and  shares  its  knowledge  and  know-how  to  its local  partners  and  to  other  human rights defenders
  • makes  the  authorities  and  the  general  public  aware  of  a national  and  international  legal  order that    can  effectively  fight  the  most  serious  crimes,  putting  an  end  to  impunity  and  bringing justice to those who have been deprived of it
  • lobbies  to  get  authorities  to  take  firm  action  against  impunity  not  only  in  individual  cases,  but also structurally

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