Yes we can (make a change)!

We all know the saying that “change is the only constant in life”. But breaking patterns of impunity is one hard change to bring about: privilege and power seldom give way to justice easily.

Shifting these lines demands passion and stamina. Most importantly, it starts with our own belief that the status quo can be altered. In 2017, we have dared to dream up changes – and some of them have materialized.

None of these improvements could have been possible without TRIAL International’s partners and stakeholders. We work in widely different contexts but our objective is the same: making a real difference in the lives of survivors, and using the rule of law to help build lasting justice.

Internally too, TRIAL International is changing. 15 years into its making, the NGO has embarked on an in-depth organizational development process that will run until the end of 2018. Questioning our habits and work processes is proving hard. But we owe it to our partners, our supporters and above all to the victims, to make our action as efficient and durable as possible. And we are glad of the new perspectives this change will open up.

Thank you for your continuing support, we hope you will enjoy the read.

Philip Grant, Director

Highlights of 2017

External relations

Never have TRIAL International’s readers, followers, supporters and partners been so numerous. Their trust is our pride and we thanks them warmly for their engagement.


Thanks to its donors’ trust and commitment, TRIAL International has continued its growth in 2017. Its income has increase by 17% since 2016.