permanent staff members




(Geneva, Sarajevo, Bukavu)


new local structure (Kathmandu)

Expert staff and an in-depth reorganization process will ensure TRIAL International has a solid base for its future endeavors.

An ever-improving organization 

As a young and fast-growing NGO, it was time for TRIAL International to rethink its structure and work processes. Accompanied by experts Peace Nexus and Philanthropy Advisors, it has initiated an internal reorganization that will result in clearer objectives and higher efficiency.

Constructive, consultative and built to last: TRIAL’s reorganization process


Daniel BOLOMEY, President
Sacha MEUTER, Vice-president
Jean-Jacques MARTIN, Treasurer
Jean-René OETTLI, Secretary
Briony JONES
Thomas UNGER


Philip GRANT, Director


Emanuela MELIS, Human Resources and Administrative Manager
Maryline GAUCHER, Executive Assistant
Markus BRINGOLD, Administrative Assistant
Guylain MONGENGO, Administrative Assistant
Sandra JEKER, Event Coordinator

External relations

Magali DEPPEN, Head of Development
Camille JOSEPH, Institutional Development Consultant
Djénéba DEMBELE, Junior Fundraiser
Tiffany HOUNTONDJI, Intern

Chloé BITTON, Head of Communications
Noémi MANCO, Communications Officer
Emma FERNANDEZ, Junior Communications Officer
Lukas A PORTA, Digital Intern
Camila PONTE, Digital Intern
Zsuzsa MAKADI, Editorial Intern

Human rights Division

Gabriella CITRONI, Senior Legal Advisor
Annelles NACHTERGAELE, Intern

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Selma KORJENIC, Head of Program
Adrijana HANUSIC BECIROVIC, Senior Legal Advisor
Adisa FISIC BARUKCIJA, Legal and Communications Officer
Redzib SKOMORAC, Legal Officer
Kyle DELBYCK, Legal Consultant
Sanela BRCIC, Administration and Finance Officer
Antonela RAMLJAK, Intern
Alma TUTIC, Intern

Helena RODRIGUEZ BRONCHU CARCELLER, Head of Program and Legal Advisor
Lucie CANAL, Junior Legal Advisor

Pamela CAPIZZI, Legal Advisor and Head of Program
Chiara GABRIELE, Legal Advisor
Charles HUTCHINSON, Intern

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Daniele PERISSI, Head of Program and Legal Advisor
Elsa TAQUET, Legal Advisor
Guy MUSHIATA, Human Rights Coordinator
Patient IRAGUHA, Legal Advisor
Ghislaine BISIMWA, Legal Advisor
Innocent MUSAFIRI, Administration and Finance Officer
Clarisse FURAHA, Finance Assistant
Marcellin MUZIRIGERA, Driver


Investigations and criminal law Division

Bénédict DE MOERLOOSE, Head of Program and Legal Advisor
Sandra DELVAL, Legal Advisor
Valérie LE BRETON-PAULET , Legal Consultant
Emeline ESCAFIT, Junior Legal Advisor
Kim DREYER, Intern

Thank you to our volunteers!

TRIAL International could not fulfill its work without the invaluable contributions of its volunteers. We warmly thank all those who have given us their time for translations, legal research and other tasks in 2017.

Volunteers’ profile: Lucy and Cono