TRIAL’s hidden asset


To fulfill its mission, TRIAL relies on the support of over 50 volunteers. With their talent and dedication, they greatly contribute to the organization’s success. Meet Lucy and Cono, who regularly donate their time to fight impunity.


TRIAL International: When did you start volunteering for TRIAL, and why?

Lucy: I applied in 2014 when I saw the advert on the ONG’s website. TRIAL does such remarkable work in helping people who have lost all hope of finding justice. I could not imagine being affiliated to a better organization – and I know quite a lot of them.

Cono: I started in August 2016 after knowing TRIAL for several years. As soon as my workload allowed it, I looked for volunteering opportunities in international criminal law. TRIAL appeared to me as the most solid reality in Europe, a place where I could improve my legal research and drafting skills. After several months of volunteering, I still believe the potential is huge.


What do you do as a volunteer?

Lucy: I am part of the translators’ pool, namely from French to English. The texts I translate range from legal documents to articles for the website or publications. This gives me an overview of TRIAL’s different programs and audiences: the legal community, media, online followers, etc.

Cono: As a volunteer for Trial Watch, I research cases related to international justice. These cases can be both past and present, and span throughout the world. Thanks to my research, new profiles are added to the Trial Watch database, and existing profiles are kept up to date.


Have you acquired or developed new skills as a volunteer?

Lucy: I have learnt to be very thorough, because translating legal documents demands technical vocabulary. Despite what some may think, volunteering is as demanding as paid work: you have to bring your A-game at all times, even when you are working from home in your pyjamas!

Cono: My legal terminology has strongly improved in English, Spanish and French. When conducting research to update a new profile, I need to read newspapers’ articles and judicial decisions, which reflect different language styles. I then try to re-use these legal terms, to make them mine.


What is the best part of being a volunteer at TRIAL?

Cono: The most interesting aspect is to learn the stories, news and legal developments which I would not be aware of otherwise. Last month, I came across an article in the newspaper about the “Condor Operation”, in South America. I would not have known what it was if I had not researched related profiles weeks before!

Lucy: I am very proud of TRIAL’s accomplishments and the recognition they receive. I have volunteered for other NGOs but TRIAL is exceptional: not only do they do great work but they are wonderful colleagues.


Would you like to volunteer for TRIAL? We are always looking for talented new recruits!

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