15 years of activism

Dear friends,

20 years ago, in October 1998, Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was arrested in London for mass atrocities. Like many human rights activists, I remember this episode as a turning point for international justice. Suddenly, abstract legal concepts had teeth and could bring a once-powerful ruler to account.

Since then, the fight against impunity has evolved and expanded. It has been a rocky road with many drawbacks, but justice and accountability are undeniably gaining momentum. The awarding of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize to Dr Mukwege and Nadia Murad for their fight against conflict-related sexual violence bears witness to unprecedented international attention.

I founded TRIAL International shortly after Pinochet’s arrest. Just like the fight itself, our organization has grown and matured. Since its creation, it has supported over 2’300 victims and helped secure numerous decisions and judgments in their favor. This year, it finished second at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards. Our organization also kickstarted an ambitious cooperative project to fight impunity for conflict-related sexual violence worldwide.

We have already come a long way, yet I am convinced that this is just the beginning! With your help we can go further and, just like we were inspired 20 years ago by Pinochet’s arrest, inspire others that justice is within reach.

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Philip Grant, Director

2018 at a glance

External relations

Moving closer to its beneficiaries and multiplying partnerships, TRIAL International has established itself as an unavoidable advocate for international justice.


Thanks to the loyal support of our donors and the establishment of new partnerships, TRIAL International’s income has quadrupled since 2011.