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How can a war-torn country defend its natural resources from large corporations exploiting the conflict to make a profit? What are the options for communities who are losing their livelihoods because of illegal deals between companies and governments? Sadly, these are the questions facing many victims in resource intensive countries. The greed of corporations deprives them of their land and further fuels the ongoing conflicts in the region.

In other cases, companies are complicit in supplying goods, technology or funding to oppressive regimes, who are committing atrocities against their own people. Placing profits above human lives, these corporations are guilty of the worst human rights violations, but have the resources to shut down legal challenges and continue acting with impunity.

As Corporate Accountability Expert in TRIAL’s International Investigations and Litigation department, my time is mainly dedicated to gathering evidence against alleged perpetrators of international crimes.


“What can we do now?”

My investigation work takes me on many field missions, most recently focusing on illegal deforestation. The overwhelming feeling amongst those affected is frustration at the barriers to fighting the illegal practices of foreign corporate interests.

On one of my recent missions, a community leader confided to me, “Our lives have always revolved around our sacred forest. This is no longer the case — our most precious trees are gone. What can we do now?”

At TRIAL International, we are committed to fighting the impunity from which large corporations often benefit at the expense of communities who have already lost so much!

This is why my team and I are dedicated to investigating and filing cases against corporations in European countries who are complicit of grave international crimes committed abroad. In 2019, we expect to file at least two criminal cases against companies, in the hope of holding them accountable for their actions.

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Montse Ferrer

Corporate Accountability Expert


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