staff members




(Geneva, Sarajevo, Bukavu)


women in management positions

Several new positions were created at TRIAL International in 2018, resulting in a diverse, ever-growing staff spread across three continents. A volunteer appreciation policy was also adopted to recognize their crucial contribution.

A better and stronger internal organization

TRIAL International continued its reorganization process initiated in 2017, resulting in the creation of several key positions. Work processes were also improved to ensure maximum clarity and flexibility. Structural evolutions will continue throughout 2019.

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BOLOMEY Daniel, President
HASKELL Leslie, Vice President
JONES Briony, Member
LEVY-TURNER Miriam, Member
MARTIN Jean-Jacques, Treasurer
MEUTER Sacha, Secretary
OETTLI Jean-René, Member
SAUVEUR Laurent, Member
UNGER Thomas, Member

Geneva office

ABBAS Subhan, Junior Legal Advisor
BANDERET Jean-Marie, Media Relations Officer
BRINGOLD Markus, Administrative Assistant
CANAL Lucie, Legal Advisor
CAPIZZI Pamela, Legal Advisor and Head of Burundi Program
CARIELLO Cristina, Grant Manager
CITRONI Gabriella, Senior Legal Advisor
DE MOERLOOSE Bénédict, Legal Advisor and Head of Investigations and Criminal Law Department
DELVAL Sandra, Legal Advisor
DEPPEN Magali, Head of Development
DREYER Kim, Legal Intern
ESCAFIT Emeline, Legal Advisor

FERNANDEZ Emma, Junior Communications Officer
FERRER Montse, Legal Advisor and Investigator
GABRIELE Chiara, Legal Advisor
GAUCHER Maryline, Executive Assistant
GRANT Philip, Director
HOUNTONDJI Tiffany, Junior Fundraiser
HUTCHINSON Charles, Junior Legal Advisor
JEKER Sandra, Event Project Manager
JOSEPH Camille, Fundraising Consultant
LAMRANI Linda, Deputy Manager of Great Lakes Program
MAKADI Zsuzsa, Communications Intern
MANCO Noémi, Communications Officer
MIERZEIJEWSKA Katarzyna, Communications Intern

NISER Béatrix, Communications Officer
PAULET Valérie, Legal Consultant
PERISSI Daniele, Legal Advisor and Head of DRC Program
PONTE Camila, Communications Intern
REIMANN Sandra, Head of Finance and Administration
RODRIGUEZ-BRONCHU CARCELLER Helena, Legal Advisor and Head of Nepal Program
SCHAUB Océane, Communications Intern
TAQUET Elsa, Legal Advisor
TRISCONE Jennifer, Legal Intern
WEST Chris, Fundraising Intern

Sarajevo office

BORIC Asja, Legal and Communications Officer
BRCIC Sanela, Administration and Finance Officer
DELBYCK Kyle, Legal Intern
FISIC BARUKCIJA Adisa, Legal and Communications Officer
HANUSIC BECIROVIC Adrijana, Senior Legal Advisor
KORJENIC Selma, Head of BiH Program
KULENOVIC Senka, Legal Officer

Bukavu office

BISIMWA Ghislaine, Legal Advisor
FURAHA Clarisse, Finance Assistant
IRAGUHA Patient, Legal Advisor
MUSAFIRI Innocent, Administration and Finance Officer
MUSHIATA Guy, Human rights Coordinator
MUZIRIGERA Marcellin, Driver

Valuing the contribution of volunteers

Over 40 volunteers gave their time and talent to the service of TRIAL International’s mission. Among them, in 2018, a small number of volunteer translators were selected for a trial scheme. The scheme was aimed at reinforcing their integration, deepening their understanding of TRIAL’s work and offering them upskilling opportunities.

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