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86 %

resources spent on social mission

Thanks to the growing support of donors and members, TRIAL International continued its successful expansion, increasing its income by 16% since 2015.


TRIAL International’s income reached a total of CHF 2’024’010 in 2016.

This year’s results show a small surplus of CHF 2’449 demonstrating financial solvency and bringing our financial reserves to CHF 23’081. TRIAL International aims to slightly increase its reserves in the coming years to remain reactive and financially stable.


TRIAL International’s expenditures have more than doubled over the last 5 years, increasing from CHF 882’448 in 2012 to CHF 2’022’800 in 2016.

The opening of the DRC program in 2015 contributed to this rapid growth. It quickly became the largest program ever conducted by TRIAL International, representing 33% of the total expenditure in 2016.