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Targeted communications is key to mobilizing TRIAL International’s audiences. In 2016, the organization underwent an unprecedented facelift, contributing to its  growing visibility. New name, new logo, new website… same mission!

A new face

 On 6 June 2016, TRIAL became TRIAL International. 14 years after its creation, TRIAL’s identity needed a makeover to better reflect its DNA: an innovative organization breaking legal ground and opening up new avenues for justice.

TRIAL turns 14 and change is in the air

The organization’s drive and energy are reflected in the new visual identity, combining a tangy orange with a powerful black & white symbol.

This identity takes root in TRIAL International’s new logo and a large array of material.

An ergonomic and newsworthy website

The main flagship of TRIAL International’s facelift is its new website. Audiences now have access to newsworthy information, with victims’ stories at the forefront. Intuitive navigation and advanced search functions facilitate the visitor’s experience.