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TRIAL turns fourteen and change is in the air

06.06.2016 ( Last modified: 12.07.2017 )

Dear friends and partners,

TRIAL is turning fourteen today and we are happy to celebrate it with you in a very special way!

TRIAL came into being on 6 June 2002. That day, its members met for their first General Assembly, laying out the organization’s mission which still constitute its cornerstones today: fighting impunity, supporting victims in their quest for justice and redress, building an international network of committed lawyers, advocating for fairer laws and policies.

Since then, TRIAL has never stopped expanding: it is now present on three continents and recognized as a key actor in the worldwide fight against impunity. It was therefore time for TRIAL’s identity to evolve and reflect this broader scope of action. For the past three years, our staff has worked tirelessly on an important makeover, with the unbending support of TRIAL’s Board and members.

Today, we are proud to present TRIAL’s new identity, including a new name, a new visual identity and a new website. This new identity is an expression of our very DNA: a fundamentally innovative NGO that breaks new legal ground and opens up new avenues for justice.

TRIAL International

A more visible, more international image

TRIAL International will from now on be the organization’s official name. “We have outgrown the names ‘Swiss association against impunity’ and ‘Track Impunity Always’, which will no longer be used”, explained our Director Philip Grant. “We believe that TRIAL International will better reflect our international scope, while remaining faithful to who we are”, he added.

The organization’s drive and energy are also reflected in our new logo, combining a spunky orange with a powerful black & white doors symbol. “These colors are the basis of our broader visual identity, declined in a large array of tools”, said our Head of Communications Chloé Bitton.

The main flagship of this facelift is TRIAL International’s new website. “We wanted the navigation to be very intuitive, hence the simplified sitemap, the shorter texts and the refined search function. We also wished to bring to light the human aspect of our work, with victims’ stories at the forefront”, said Kevin Karlen, the organization’s Web Project Officer.

At this turning point in TRIAL International’s history, we warmly thank all those who have stood by us over the past fourteen years. Your trust and support mean everything to us. The path to ending impunity is a long and uphill one, but we strongly believe that together, with joint efforts and renewed commitment, we can open new doors and make justice prevail.

We hope that you will appreciate our new identity and look forward to hearing or reading your reactions!

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