Between 1992 and 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was ravaged by a large-scale war. Although hostilities have ended over twenty years ago, their consequences are still felt today. In a post-war context, TRIAL helps victims of international crimes obtain justice and makes sure that their voice is heard.

Authorities in BiH have continuously invoked the need to turn the page and forget the atrocities committed during the war. But by doing so, they neglect the rights and needs of countless war survivors.

Genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, enforced disappearance, extrajudicial executions, rape and other forms of sexual violence: the violations of human rights were numerous and widespread, claiming the lives of nearly 100,000 individuals. Twenty years after the end of the war, many victims are still waiting to obtain justice and reparation. Authors of these crimes remain widely unpunished.

Helping victims of international crimes

TRIAL International has been active in BiH since 2008 and opened in 2011 an office in Sarajevo. Since then, the NGO have strived to put the law at the service of war victims. By making their voices heard, our organization works towards bringing them long-awaited justice.

TRAIL International offers free comprehensive legal support to victims of international crimes before the European Court of Human Rights and the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

The organization remains by their side throughout the whole procedure, from listening to their story and gathering evidence, to preparing convincing cases in their name and submitting them to international courts.

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Advocating for greater justice

To be compelling, the legal battle before courts and other jurisdictions must go hand in hand with long-term advocacy. In BiH, TRIAL International calls on the authorities to put into practice court rulings in favor of victims of serious crimes and to align their national legislation with international standards. In association with partner NGOs, TRIAL informs the international community about serious human rights violations taking place in the country, so that they can measure the urgent need for action.

Training human rights defenders

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, TRIAL International offers legal training to agents of change, whether they be law students, young professionals or experienced lawyers. The NGO informs them on the range of existing legal tools to defend victims of international crimes, so that they can use them comprehensively and help TRIAL fight impunity.

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