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Christian: Kidnapped, reported missing, and eventually executed

20.09.2018 - (Last modified: 09.01.2019)
In December 2015, in Burundi, unidentified armed individuals carried out attacks on four military bases, in and around...
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Pascal: Found executed a few days after his arrest

20.09.2018 - (Last modified: 19.12.2018)
In the summer of 2015, Pascal (real name withheld) received numerous alarming calls informing him that he was actively...
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Enforced disappearance and torture due to political activism

20.09.2018 - (Last modified: 19.12.2018)
In April 2015 in Burundi, many people took to the streets to demonstrate against the renewal of President Pierre Nkurun...
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Repression in Burundi, arrest in the DRC

03.07.2017 - (Last modified: 07.07.2017)
Journalist Egide Mwemero was tortured in the DRC for “crimes” committed in Burundi – a case that illustrates the silenc...
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A student unjustly jailed for years

26.04.2017 - (Last modified: 17.08.2017)
Onesphore Case Student and member of the opposition detained Mr. Onesphore (real name withheld) is a student and political opponent. In 2015, while having lunch, he was arrested by police officers and locked up in a cell, before being transferred to a prison, where he is still detained to this day. Like others before him, he is a victim of the wave of arrests of p...

Disappearance of Jean Bigirimana exemplifies an alarming trend

10.04.2017 - (Last modified: 13.04.2017)
The journalist and critic of the government disappeared in July 2016. In the face of his family’s distress and the gove...
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Tortured, harassed, and driven into exile to save his family

06.06.2016 - (Last modified: 01.02.2018)
One morning in 2006 as he was leaving his house, Alain (not his real name) found himself eye to eye with about twenty policemen who had come to arrest him. Immediately taken to the police station, he was – wrongly – accused of preparing a coup d’état. Faced with his refusal to acknowledge the false allegations, the agents beat him. Alain was severely beaten and la...

Opposition member murdered in Burundi

06.06.2016 - (Last modified: 29.08.2019)
Yohann (real name withheld) was an active member of the National Liberation Forces (FNL), an opposition party. A prominent political personality in his community, he first came under pressure in the run-up to the 2010 elections: arrest and arbitrary detention, public threats, harassment, etc. Fearing for his life, Yohann fled to another region of Burundi. After th...

Torn away from his family and deprived of a dignified funeral

06.06.2016 - (Last modified: 28.02.2019)
Jules (not his real name), married with four children, was a long-standing member of the National Liberation Front (FNL), an opposition party. In 2010, a post-election crisis swept across the country, resulting in a deterioration of the safety of political opponents and a surge in extrajudicial executions. That was when Jules began to be persecuted and threaten...

Vincent, imprisonned in Burundi for opposing the government

06.06.2016 - (Last modified: 29.08.2019)
Vincent (real name withheld) is a Burundian politician, a member of the opposition party. In the past, he held important positions in the government and the Burundian national assembly and was one of the most outspoken critics of the party in power. In 2013, V. I. openly contested a government measure that intended to amend the Constitution. A few days later, he was...

Imprisoned, handcuffed and starved for four days

06.06.2016 - (Last modified: 16.03.2017)
Sidoine (real name withheld) was the night porter at a hospital. One night, two vehicles driven by local officials arrived outside A&E. Without any explanation, the officials threw two injured men to the ground, seemingly following an altercation. While asking for details of the patients’ condition, Sidoine was slapped by the men driving the vehicles. He tried to...

Case Pierre-Claver Mbonimpa

03.06.2016 - (Last modified: 09.07.2018)
Mr Pierre-Claver Mbonimpa is a prominent defender of human rights in Burundi. In May 2014, he publicly spoke out against the Burundian government’s policy of recruiting and training youths aligned with the party, who go by the name of “Imbonerakure” and are often accused of abuse perpetrated against civilians (pillage, violence, etc.). The day after taking this stanc...
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