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Ntumwa "Marocain" Maro, a warlord in the dock

25.01.2018 - (Last modified: 18.07.2018)
Ntumwa Maro, a warlord in the dock Marocain is suspected of being one of the highest-ranking leaders of a group that ki...
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Tomorrow, on the 13 December, the Tunis Court of Appeal will deliberate on the fate of the torturers of Rached Jaïdane,...
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Mrs. A. (real name withheld) was raped during the war. Now she is stuck between unenforced compensation and stringent s...
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Kavumu case: young girls abducted at night and raped

31.10.2017 - (Last modified: 17.06.2020)
Kavumu is a particularly poor village situated in the province of South Kivu, in Eastern DRC. Not far from the provincia...
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Rifaat Al-Assad case

03.10.2017 - (Last modified: 04.04.2022)
Rifaat Al-Assad is a career military man and a Syrian politician. He is the younger brother of the former president of S...
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DRC: justice has spoken for the 150 victims of Musenyi

02.08.2017 - (Last modified: 18.07.2018)
In September 2015, the village of Musenyi experienced absolute horror: a series of rapes and looting, committed by the...
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Ousman Sonko

10.07.2017 - (Last modified: 04.04.2022)
Ousman Sonko was the Minister of Interior under the Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh from 2006 to 2016. During this period...
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Repression in Burundi, arrest in the DRC

03.07.2017 - (Last modified: 07.07.2017)
Journalist Egide Mwemero was tortured in the DRC for “crimes” committed in Burundi – a case that illustrates the silenc...
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A student unjustly jailed for years

26.04.2017 - (Last modified: 17.08.2017)
Onesphore Case Student and member of the opposition detained Mr. Onesphore (real name withheld) is a student and political opponent. In 2015, while having lunch, he was arrested by police officers and locked up in a cell, before being transferred to a prison, where he is still detained to this day. Like others before him, he is a victim of the wave of arrests of p...
In two cases led by TRIAL, the UN Human Rights Committee recognized – again – Nepal’s failing to deliver justice to its...
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BiH: Indictment of war suspect rekindles hope for rape victim

20.04.2017 - (Last modified: 26.04.2017)
Criminal proceedings will begin against the alleged aggressor of a victim supported by TRIAL International.The victim K...
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Disappearance of Jean Bigirimana exemplifies an alarming trend

10.04.2017 - (Last modified: 13.04.2017)
The journalist and critic of the government disappeared in July 2016. In the face of his family’s distress and the gove...
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