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Social responsibility is for NGOs too

Dear friends,

It is often said that human rights are indivisible, and indeed international justice can only stem from, and it turn reinforce, other forms of equality. This is why TRIAL International strives, on its own scale, to set the example with social and environmental initiatives.

The organization is proud of its diverse, multicultural staff representing 12 nationalities. It also values gender equality, and 5 out of 7 program managers are female. Moreover, TRIAL is aware of its interns’ precious contributions and has therefore been part of the We Pay our Interns initiative in Geneva since its creation.

The organization also endeavours to protect the environment: it has installed solar panels to supply its DRC office with electricity and will from now on compensate the carbon emission of its international flights.

These are only small steps, but they are part of a longer path towards justice. As our NGO grows thanks to your kind support, we look forward to paving new ways forward.

Phillip Grant, Director

UN decision rekindles hope for wife of disappered


2015 activity report is out


In 2015 alone, TRIAL International has helped over 100 victims of mass atrocities and trained over 90 human rights defenders. Last month, it launched its 2015 activity report, shedding a light on its major achievements and its upcoming challenges.

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UN decision rekindles hope for wife of disappered


Training journalists on human rights reporting


Over the last two months, the NGOs Collective Campaign for Peace, Himalayan Human Rights Monitors and TRIAL International ran training sessions for Nepali journalists on human rights reporting. 

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UN decision rekindles hope for wife of disappered


Srebrenica denial ruled intolerable


For the first time, Switzerland condemned a former far-right politician for denying that the Srebrenica genocide had taken place.

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UN decision rekindles hope for wife of disappered


Sexual violence: Congolese NGOs and TRIAL fight the same battle


Congolese NGOs provide assistance to thousands of victims of sexual violence in their quest for justice. TRIAL International stands with them in their struggle, notably by providing targeted training programs.

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UN decision rekindles hope for wife of disappered

world day

International justice is necessary but limited


On 17 July, the world will celebrate International Justice Day. But justice on an international level is not the only aspect of the fight against impunity, nor does it hold all the answers.

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