Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review – UJAR

Published for the first time in 2014, the UJAR, TRIAL International’s annual review on the main universal jurisdiction cases, has become a reference document in this field and an indispensable tool to better understand the under-exploited potential of universal jurisdiction in the fight against impunity.

Universal jurisdiction allows for the prosecution of crimes regardless of where they were committed and regardless of the nationality of the victims and perpetrators. Within this framework, each country defines the specific crimes that can be prosecuted within its borders under universal jurisdiction. The conditions for the application of universal jurisdiction, the different stages of the procedure, the evidence required, the protection of witnesses and victims or reparations for victims, all these elements often vary from one country to another.

The UJAR is a unique compilation of universal jurisdiction cases with significant developments around the world each year.

As a tool for international law, this report is intended for legal practitioners, media representatives, NGOs and human rights defenders who wish to better understand universal jurisdiction and how to implement it.

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