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Rights Groups File Complaint Asking France to Investigate Saudi Crown Prince over Jamal Khashoggi Killing Mohammed bin...
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RWM Italia

03.07.2019 - (Last modified: 04.04.2022)
Facts On 8 October 2016, air strikes launched by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Deir Al-Hajari, Yemen, killed six civilians. In the place of those strikes, a suspension lug manufactured by the RWM Italia S.p.A was found. Other remnants indicated use of a guided bomb. Testimonies of eye witnesses stipulate that there was no legitimate target in the vicinity of t...

Mohammed bin Salman

29.03.2019 - (Last modified: 29.03.2022)
Facts Mohammed bin Salman was born in 1985. He obtained a law degree from King Saud University. He served as an adviser...
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