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Our efforts are not in vain 


Dear friends, 

Tomorrow will mark the anniversary of our organization. On 6 June 2002, what was then the “Swiss NGO against impunity” pledged to fight for justice at the side of victims of international crimes, in Switzerland and elsewhere. 

Our latest Activity Report, published last month, measured how far we have come since then. In 2018 alone, TRIAL International supported over 700 victims of the worst crimes, and trained over 300 legal practitioners so that they can multiply our impact on the ground.

By reading this newsletter and supporting our actions, you too are an important contributor to this fight! And this month’s newsletter proves that our efforts are not in vain.

We thank you sincerely for your involvement and hope you enjoy the read, 


TRIAL International's team 



Landmark decision condemns forced labor and sexual violence


For the first time, the UN recognized the use of forced labor as a form of cruel treatment in the Nepali armed conflict, as well as the impact of sexual violence on survivors’ lives.

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How do states concretely prosecute international crimes?


An exclusive analysis across several countries shows wide variations in the laws, means and methods to investigate and punish atrocities.

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How two villages went from tragedy to hope


Kamananga and Lumenje were the theatre of the worst violence in 2012. Five years and a four-weeks trial later, justice triumphed. 

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Violences sexuelles_Image


The fight for justice must be beyond mere prosecution


In its latest report, TRIAL International emphasizes the importance of a victim-centered, multifaceted response.

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