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Prosecuting international crimes: a matter of willingness

17.05.2019 - (Last modified: 22.11.2019)
How do different countries prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture and enforced disappearance?...
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In partnership with the Philip Kirsch Institute and the Canadian Centre for International Justice. Joseph Rikhof is the...
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Vladimir Katriuk

22.07.2016 - (Last modified: 25.07.2016)
Vladimir Katriuk was born on 1 October 1921 in the village of Luzhany, now Ukraine. He got married to Maria Stéphanie Ka...
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Déborah Kitumaini Kasiba is the widow of eminent human rights defender, Pascal Kabungulu, who was assassinated in the De...
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Desire Munyaneza

01.05.2016 - (Last modified: 09.06.2016)
Désiré Munyaneza was born in 1966, the son of a wealthy Hutu shopkeeper in Butare. He was running the town’s main...
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Leon Mugesera

25.04.2016 - (Last modified: 01.06.2016)
Léon Mugesera was born in 1954 in Kibilira, Gisenyi Prefecture in Rwanda. His main occupation was lecturer at the Nation...
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Michael Seifert

25.04.2016 - (Last modified: 01.06.2016)
Michael Seifert was born in Landau – a little town which today is part of Ukraine – on 16 March 1924. He was an SS corpo...
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Imre Finta

25.04.2016 - (Last modified: 03.06.2016)
Imre Finta was born on 2 September 1912 in Kolozsvar, a town located at the time in Hungary but today part of Rumania. A...
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Jorge Vinicio Sosa Orantes

24.04.2016 - (Last modified: 14.06.2016)
Jorge Vinicio Sosa Orantes was born in Guatemala City in 1958 as the third of six children of a military family. His fat...
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Jacques Mungwarere

20.04.2016 - (Last modified: 10.06.2016)
Jacques Mungwarere was born in 1972 in Rwanda. He was a professor at España School in the former prefecture of Kibuye in...
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Geneva/Ottawa (8 February 2016) – Ten years after prominent human rights defender Pascal Kabungulu was shot dead by sold...
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G8 commitment to tackle impunity for rape in conflict welcome

12.04.2013 - (Last modified: 13.07.2017)
London/Geneva, 12 April 2013 – A Declaration on Preventing Sexual Violence In Conflict was agreed yesterday by the G8 countries, declaring that rape and other serious sexual violence amount to war crimes and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions constitutes an emphatic reminder that states are required to investigate and prosecute conflict-related sexual violence w...
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