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The fight for justice must go on


Dear friends,

I remember Srebrenica. I remember the year 1995, I was returning from a mission for Amnesty International in Burundi and Rwanda, bringing back images, accounts and even the lingering smell of the genocide. The first token of our helplessness to prevent mass crimes, it was followed the next July by the massacres committed by Mladic's men. I asked myself if we had hit rock bottom this time, and if one day we would be able to avoid these atrocities.

Last month, Ratko Mladic was sentenced to life imprisonment. More than 22 years have passed. It is of course a success, and we have to accept that the time of justice is a long one. But it is an eternity for the victims' families. In Burundi - although we should not take anything for granted - the ICC investigation gives the signal of a mobilized international community. 

International justice is moving forward, but the fight against impunity will be won on the ground, thanks to the work of local players supported by TRIAL International, like in Nepal or at the Kavumu trial in DRC

I am proud to make a contribution to this righteous struggle. Thank you for your support.

Wishing you a happy festive season, 

Daniel Bolomey,






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