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Black sheep are leading the dance of human rights

Dear friends,

On the same month Burundi withdrew from the International Criminal Court (ICC), the United Nations elected to the Human Rights Council several States whose record on the subject go from questionable to disastrous: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mexico and Nepal. Three countries on which TRIAL International has been working for years because impunity there is all but generalized.

TRIAL International has chosen not to rely on violating States to bring justice to victims. Rather, it is through investigating, preparing and referring cases to multiple instances and through building local capacity that it creates the conditions to establish the criminals’ liability.

Civil society has indeed the means to make a difference. The ICC itself is an example of what NGOs can achieve when they join forces. The recent Campaign to bring Yahya Jammeh to Justice and the Kavumu trial in DRC are two more – and TRIAL International is proud to take part in both.

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Philip Grant,




ICC withdrawal comes into effect


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Kavumu case: opening of a historic trial


18 suspects will sit in the dock, accused of raping girls as young as 13 months. 

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Investigating mass crimes in DRC


A dangerous mission on the frontline, and a race against the clock to recover evidence. 

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