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Al-Assad case: time for Switzerland to walk the talk  

 Dear friends,

This month, TRIAL International has revealed a criminal inquiry in Switzerland against Rifaat Al-Assad - the uncle of the current president. Opened in 2013, the proceedings have barely moved since; the prosecuting authorities have made no real effort to determine the responsibility of the suspect for alleged war crimes. 

This procrastination is simply unbearable for the six Syrians who have filed a complaint against him. The crimes Rifaat Al-Assad's troops are accused of go back to the 1980s, among which the Hama massacre, yet no justice has ever been served. 30 years of suffering and hopes unfulfilled, only to reach this stalemate today. 

The evidence is strong and the legal tools are there. The only missing element is the will to shed a light on Rifaat Al-Assad's alleged crimes. Switzerland has long-since taken position in favor of the fight against impunity: it's now time it walked the talk and saw this procedure through.

Benedict de Moerloose,

Head of the Inquiries and Criminal Law Department


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