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In 2018, let's make a pledge for a fairer world


Dear friends,

It is my pleasure to send you this first newsletter of 2018. Thanks to your support, great progress was made last year helping victims of atrocities. 

Initiating proceedings against Rifaat Al-Assad and Ousman Sonko in Switzerland; training Burundian lawyers, in spite of the difficult context; securing the conviction of Congolese militiamen for the rape of children in the DRC; obtaining compensation for victims in Bosnia-Herzegovina; defending Nepalese survivors before the United Nations: all these victories are yours too. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your commitment at our side. 

2017 has shown the power of civic movements. Injustice is not a fatality and together, in 2018, we can go even further.

From Nepal to Gambia, from Burundi to Bosnia-Herzegovina, from Syria to the DRC, TRIAL International will face many challenges. Together, let's make a pledge for a world where justice really is a right for everyone, a world where the powerful are held accountable and victims can see their dignity restored. In short, let's make a pledge for a fairer world.

Wishing you a happy and successful new year, 

Philip Grant



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