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Busy Summer Days


Dear friends,

There was only little time to rest for TRIAL International during this summer. This past month, the High Military Court of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has confirmed the condemnation of all accused in the Kavumu case. This decision proves the solidity of the case and sends a strong message: nobody is above the law, regardless of their social or political status.

In the meantime, TRIAL also joined a coalition to urge the UN to renew the mandate of its Commission of Inquiry on Burundi. But human rights abuses are not confined to distant countries. An initiative proposes that the Swiss Constitution should prevail over international law. A scenario which could lead to the withdrawal of Switzerland from the European Convention on Human Rights. TRIAL strongly opposes this initiative, which would deprive Switzerland of its main international human rights instrument.

We are also proud to welcome a new member on board, as Thomas Unger recently joined TRIAL’s Committee. Meet the Co-Director of the Geneva Academy Master in transitional justice in this newsletter.

Enjoy the read,

The TRIAL International team




Kavumu case: a clear and welcome message against impunity


The High Military Court confirmed the condemnation of all 11 accused, thus reiterating that nobody is above the law.

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"NGOs dare to imagine a world where justice is accessible to all"


Thomas Unger, member of TRIAL International's Committee and lecturer at Geneva Academy, talks about his experience and the challenges for international justice.

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