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20 years of international justice: 

thank you for your involvement!


Dear friends, 

Today the international community celebrates the adoption of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Two decades ago, States took a historical engagement for a world without impunity. 

The fight is ongoing. Everywhere in the world, victims break the silence and dare to demand justice. Each voice rising opens a breach in the wall of impunity. 

Let this anniversary be for all a step towards a world where justice becomes possible! 

Thank you for your support and have a beautiful Summer,

The TRIAL International team





Giving a face to justice 


Seven victims supported by TRIAL International tell their story. 

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Civil society is the cornerstone of international justice


Everything starts with ordinary individuals determined to bring about change. 

We can all act now!




Victims' families speak up


After years of silence, families join the campaign to bring  #Jammeh2Justice. 

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Tales of darkness and hope


"Transforming anxiety into creativity was my way to cope" explains Syrian artist Hamid Suleyman.

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