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A day to pay tribute to the
victims of enforced disappearance



Dear friends,

"It was better to know the worst, whatever it was, than to be left in this hideous uncertainty.” Many loved ones of missing persons will undoubtedly recognize themselves in this quote by Oscar Wilde. Between hope and disillusion, the disappearance of a loved one puts families through true psychological torture and lasting damage. This is the reason why the relatives of disappeared persons are also recognized as full victims.

August 30 was the International Day for Victims of Enforced Disappearances. The opportunity to pay tribute to them, putting faces on the suffering endured and to learn about the projects underway so that the victims of this international crime can find justice.

TRIAL international supports victims of enforced disappearances and their quest for justice all over the world. For example, in Mexico, where we have won a few victories this year, or in Gambia. Gambia is still trying to shed light on the murder of more than 50 West African migrants in 2005.

Wishing you a pleasant read,

The TRIAL International team


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Putting faces on the loved ones of disappeared persons


A young girl, whose father was reduced to a picture on a mobile phone, a son staring at the vastness of the sea that seems to have swallowed his father… Jason Florio’s photographs provide a powerful look at the emptiness left behind by victims of enforced disappearances. 


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A transversal project against enforced disappearances


Since 2019, TRIAL International has been coordinating the implementation of a project that brings together five NGOs. Together, they bring cases of enforced disappearances to justice, develop local capacity, and implement best practices in this area.


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Enforced disappearance case won before the United Nations


10 years after her son's enforced disappearance, Mrs. Hidalgo Rea still does not know what happened. But Mexico is now required to investigate the case and provide support to the family. 


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Ex-President tied to the killing of 59 migrants


In March 2021, testimonies from relatives and victims came before the Truth Commission. They confirmed existing information, further strenghening the ties between former President Yahya Jammeh and these murders.


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