Recommendations for the investigation and prosecution of international crimes resulting in environmental damage


TRIAL International contributed to the ‘An Environmental Compact for Ukraine’ report titled ‘A Green Future: Recommendations for Accountability and Recovery’ published in February 2024.

Our recommendations include a number of strategic reflections regarding the investigation and prosecution through extraterritorial jurisdiction of international crimes resulting in environmental damage. They suggest making the fight against impunity for environmental crimes a strategic priority for prosecuting  authorities. In this context, TRIAL International favors increased sharing of expertise, cooperation and coordination among different actors documenting, investigating and prosecuting environmental crimes and the creation of solid and impactful jurisprudence on strategic environmental cases – in order to advance accountability.

Although civilians have borne the brunt of the war against Ukraine, the environment has also suffered greatly as a result of this conflict, experiencing profound and far-reaching consequences. The impact of environmental degradation extends beyond Ukraine’s borders, and is likely to have an impact on the future generations. Protecting the environment is therefore paramount in all situations, including those of armed conflict, where it is particularly at risk. Preserving it should be an utmost priority.

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