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Together, let’s reinforce a culture of human rights in Nepal!

03.12.2019 ( Last modified: 02.12.2019 )

A message from Ranjeeta Silwal, Human Rights Coordinator


Dear friends,

I am writing to you from Nepal. In my work, I am proud to collaborate with people who are as courageous as they are dignified. Every day, we work hand in hand with many partners: lawyers, journalists, activists… Our goal is the same: to support victims of grave human rights violations in their quest for justice.

Victims need you today! ©Niranjan Shrestha

Experience has shown me that collaboration is essential in the fight against impunity. Together, we are working to reinforce the culture of human rights in Nepal.

Your support is the key link in this chain: We need you in order to build bridges and heal the wounds of the past.

All too often in Nepal, victims pay the price for the legal system’s dysfunction. Delays, political interference: the road to justice is strewn with pitfalls and it’s our responsibility to help victims on their journey.

Your support is all the more important on this global day of generosity, known as Giving Tuesday. Support us today in the ongoing fight and make a donation!

Together, let’s make justice a reality for all, today and tomorrow! Thank you for your trust.

Ranjeeta Silwal
Human Rights Coordinator at the Human Rights and Justice Centre (Katmandu)

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