Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review (UJAR) 2019: overcoming evidentiary challenges through collaboration

01.03.2019 ( Last modified: 23.02.2023 )

TRIAL International is proud to publish its fifth Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review (UJAR). Analyzing 60 cases across 16 countries, it proves that universal jurisdiction is a powerful tool to curb impunity. In 2018 alone, it brought under scrutiny over 140 suspects of international crimes.

These positive developments are all the more remarkable given the many political, legal, logistical and budgetary hurdles inherent to universal jurisdiction cases. The 2019 UJAR focuses on the challenges of investigating and prosecuting mass crimes remotely. It also looks at creative solutions that have been found to overcome them.

Ultimately, we hope that the UJAR will serve as a practical tool to disseminate good practices and inspire judicial actors resorting – or considering resorting – to universal jurisdiction” says Valérie Paulet, Project Coordinator at TRIAL International. “From many of the presented cases, lessons can be drawn and eventually applied to different contexts.”

The Review also shows that cooperation is paramount for the success of universal jurisdiction cases. Survivors, prosecutors, lawyers, investigators, diasporas, NGOs, victims’ associations and media are learning to work together, sometimes in unexpected ways, to offer victims the best chances of justice.

Read the full UJAR here


The Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review is TRIAL International’s main legal publication. Researched in collaboration with REDRESS, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the International Foundation Baltasar Garzón (FIBGAR), it benefited from the generous support of the City of Geneva, the Oak Foundation and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.


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