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Building on its considerable expertise in Burundi and the DRC, TRIAL International has held its first joint training ses...
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Charles Ndereyehe Ntahontuye

06.06.2018 - (Last modified: 24.05.2019)
Charles Ndereyehe Ntahontuye comes from Cyabingo commune, Rwanda. According to accusations presented by the Rwandan auth...
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Philippe Manier (Hategekimana)

18.04.2018 - (Last modified: 20.07.2019)
Philippe Hategekimana, alias Biguma, is a former police officer from the Nyanza commune near Butare in southern Rwanda. He is suspected of having participated in genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994. He was allegedly involved in the organisation and commission of multiple atrocities in Nyanza and the surrounding villages in April 1994. He is also suspected of the foll...

Tabaro Theodore (Rukertabaro)

08.02.2017 - (Last modified: 17.07.2019)
Theodore Tabaro was born in Rwanda in 1969 as Theodore Rukertabaro. He was allegedly involved in the 1994 Rwandan genoci...
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The District Court of Bobigny (France) upheld a guilty verdict against Pascal Simbikangwa for genocide and crimes agains...
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Joseph Habyarimana

Joseph Habyarimana was born on 12 June 1957 in Mbazi, in the Prefecture of Butare, in the south of Rwanda. He obtained t...
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Jean-Baptiste Mugimba

12.07.2016 - (Last modified: 16.08.2016)
Jean-Baptiste Mugimba was born in 1956 in Mutura commune, Rwanda. He is a former employee of the National Bank of Rwanda...
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Francois-Xavier Nzuwonemeye

31.05.2016 - (Last modified: 10.06.2016)
François-Xavier Nzuwonemeye was born on 30 August 1955 in Musasa commune in the prefecture of Kigali-rural, Rwanda. In 1993, he exercised the function of Commander of the 42nd Battalion. He was subsequently appointed Commander of the Reconnaissance Battalion within the Rwandan army. He held this post until July 1994. In this capacity, he exercised authority over all t...

Innocent Sagahutu

31.05.2016 - (Last modified: 10.06.2016)
Innocent Sagahutu is thought to have been born on 30 May 1962 in the Gisuma commune of Cyangugu prefecture, Rwanda. Howe...
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Vincent Brown (Bajinya)

31.05.2016 - (Last modified: 16.07.2019)
Vincent Brown was born as Vincent Bajinya in 1952 in Rwanda. He was a doctor in Kigali until 1994. Bajinya was accused o...
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Bernard Ntuyahaga

31.05.2016 - (Last modified: 08.06.2016)
Bernard Ntuyahaga is believed to have been born in 1952 in Mabanza, Kibuye, Rwanda. In 1972, he attended the Kigali scho...
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Emmanuel Nteziryayo

31.05.2016 - (Last modified: 23.07.2019)
Emmanuel Nteziryayo was born in 1963. He is a former mayor of the commune of Mudasomwa in Gikongoro province in Rwanda....
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