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Sami A. S.

19.03.2021 - (Last modified: 25.03.2021)
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Facts Sami A. S. is a Syrian national. His case is part of ongoing structural and person-specific investigations in Germany for international crimes committed by members of non-state armed groups in Syria and Iraq.   Procedure The structural investigation concerning crimes committed by non-state armed groups in Syria and Iraq, including extrajudicial killin...
A campaign has launched in support of the Responsible Business Initiative. The participating organizations, including T...
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#IniMulti: In favor of responsible business

12.10.2016 - (Last modified: 18.10.2016)
To date, 120 of the 200 biggest Swiss corporations have no policy regarding human rights. Mandatory measures are necess...
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Initiative to improve corporate accountability

05.10.2016 - (Last modified: 23.02.2017)
#Inimulti Human rights violations committed by multinationals in Switzerland regularly make the headlines: inhumane wor...
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Stop Pillage: What is looting?

31.05.2016 - (Last modified: 18.10.2016)
The practice of pillage Since the end of the Cold War, the illegal exploitation of natural resources has become a key s...
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Real Rights Now

31.05.2016 - (Last modified: 03.11.2016)
Introduction Real Rights Now is part of a wider campaign to push for implementation of the Views of Human Rights Commit...
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