#Inimulti: a new campaign before the beginning of summer


A campaign has launched in support of the Responsible Business Initiative. The participating organizations, including TRIAL International, call on supporters to hang flags from their windows. Get involved in the campaign!


Making multinationals accountable

TRIAL International has been fighting for years against the impunity of corporations in the field of human rights. Unfortunately, proceedings such as those against Argor-Heraeus SA and Caterpillar remain isolated cases and fail to stamp pour impunity.

In 2015, a project launched to inscribe into Swiss law a due diligence clause for corporations. The initiative wishes to impose binding rules on multinationals for the protection of human rights and the environment, and across their whole spectrum of activities.


Popular support and dismissal from the Federal Council

The 120’418 signatures-strong initiative was filed on 10 October 2016. In September 2017, the Federal Council recognized the worthiness of its objectives but ruled it was going too far: it recommended the Parliament to dismiss the initiative without proposing an alternative project.

In June 2018, the Parliament will adopt a position on the initiative. Support for the latter must be made as visible as possible.

Its growing success is impressive: since its launch, the initiative has gone from 66 to 97 supporting organizations, and over a million private members, or 1/8 of the Swiss population!


Flags against impunity

A campaign is now launching to show the strength of the initiative. Its objective: 10’000 flags hanging from windows and balconies across the country, by the beginning of summer.

Take action for the campaign and order now flags against impunity! (the form in is French)


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