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Addressing the past for a brighter future


Dear friends,

The saying “no peace without justice” (or “no reconciliation without justice”) has become a recurring theme in post-conflict settings. Gone are the times when mass atrocities were swept under the carpet in the name of stability.

Take a look at Spain and Gambia: upon the fall of Franco’s regime, the former has thrown an amnesty blanket on its crimes, denying closure to thousands. But Gambia, having emerged from its own dictatorship in 2016, has chosen a radically different path, using the voice of victims towards lasting reconciliation.

This month’s highlights also illustrate how individuals yearn for justice. What else would push a 90-year-old to go head to head with her government before the United Nations? And what motivates a Burundian victim living underground because he denounced his torturers?

The paradigm is evolving towards greater accountability, and TRIAL International is proud to be a part of the shift. Thank you for making it possible!


The TRIAL International team




“Mr. President, make reparations a priority during your term”


Felix Tsishekedi has made the rule of law an important aspect of his campaign. Now it’s time to walk the talk, says DRC coordinator Guy Mushiata.

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Franco’s crimes still going unpunished, denounce NGOs


Francisca was eight when her parents were forcibly disappeared. Now aged 90 and with TRIAL’s help, she has decided to take her fight to the United Nations.

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The Gambia

A significant step towards reconstruction


“The Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission must be the foundation upon which a new Gambian society rests”, says Legal Advisor Emeline Escafit.

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A victim of torture still in danger


Arrested and tortured in 2015, Benjamin still leads a life of hiding and suffering. Can international mechanisms finally restore his rights to safety and justice?

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