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All about universal jurisdiction


Dear friends,

You have probably seen it, the Universal Jurisdiction Annual Review (UJAR) 2021 is out! This report is a great compilation of the most important cases related to the principle of the universal jurisdiction. We were delighted to share it with you a few weeks ago, and it is still available for download. 

Last month, good news came from Bosnia-Herzegovina: In the Serbian Republic of Bosnia, it is finally forbidden to mention the sex life of survivors of wartime rape in court! On the other hand, in Burundi or Nepal, the victims of the worst abuses are still struggling to obtain justice and to shed light on the actions of state forces. 

Wishing you a pleasant read, 

The TRIAL International team




UJAR 2021: the impact of the coronavirus on universal jurisdiction

In a difficult context, with so many activities coming to a brutal halt, have cases related to universal jurisdiction also stalled? Luckily, far from it.

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Sexual violence: another step in the right direction


Victory in the fight against the stigmatization of victims of sexual violence in wartime. Since March 2021, the Criminal Code of Procedure of the Serb Republic of Bosnia prohibits mentioning the sexual conduct of victims. 

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Enforced disappearance among marginalized ethnic group

An example of the wave of enforced disappearances inflicted by state forces during the armed conflict... and the bitterness of victims' relatives vis-a-vis Nepalese transitional justice bodies.

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A case highlighting police impunity

Quentin (real name withheld) belongs to a Burundian opposition party targeted by the authorities. In 2014, during a party meeting, the Burundian police burst in and opened fire, deliberately wounding Quentin.

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