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Ups and downs in the struggle for justice


Dear friends,

In the ongoing fight against impunity, moments when justice is finally delivered for victims are always eagerly awaited. This past month, we witnessed a victory for human rights in DRC. A military tribunal in Bukavu condemned two high-ranking commanders for murder and torture constituting crimes against humanity. This verdict is a strong warning signal that nobody, regardless his military power, is above the law.

While some cases are being solved, the other remain subjects of protracted investigations. An UN report recently pointed the finger at Switzerland, due to huge delays in proceedings in two criminal cases for war crimes. Thereby, it formulates a question: is the Office of the Attorney General vulnerable to political pressure?

In the meantime, TRIAL International welcomed the extension of the Commission of Inquiry (CoI)'s mandate for another year. At the beginning of September CoI released its second set of conclusions. In an opinion piece, head of Burundi Program Pamela Capizzi shed a light on the main points of the final report. 

International engagement in investigating crimes against humanity appears as something of the utmost importance. In this newsletter we present an interview with Terry Beitner, General Counsel and Director of Canada’s War Crimes Unit who walks the readers through the work done by his Section. 

Enjoy the read,

The TRIAL International team




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