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Join the fight for justice today!

Dear friends,

I am writing to you from Banjul in The Gambia, at the epicenter of the growing movement for justice in the country. It has been a year of transformation here, led by the Gambian people.

For months now, brave victims have been coming forward, coming out of their long silence. I am humbled by the strength of people who, having suffered so terribly under Yahya Jammeh’s regime, now stand together in a defiant call for justice.

You are the driving force behind all the work we are doing, in The Gambia and elsewhere. Your support helps numerous victims to find their voice, we need you more than ever!

This month’s featured stories demonstrate that our work is not in vain. Join the fight against impunity today. I hope that you will choose to be part of the ongoing fight against impunity.

Thank you,

Emeline Escafit, Legal Advisor



bosnia and herzegovina

Sentence extended for former police officer  


Darko Mrđa was convicted in 2018 for crimes against humanity. The appellate court confirmed his guilt and extended his prison sentence to 20 years.

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Trial opens against militiaman Kokodikoko


Rebel leader “Kokodikoko” and four of his accomplices sit in the dock. TRIAL International supports over 300 of their victims, the majority of which for sexual violence.

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Make due diligence compulsory for Swiss firms 


A new case of looted gold highlights the necessity for binding measures to protect human rights and the environment. 

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The Commission of Inquiry will continue its investigations  


TRIAL International welcomes the renewal of the Commission’s mandate. It remains the only independent mechanism to monitor the country.

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