Case O.R.


Mr O.R. was an active member of an opposition party. In 2011, his life crumbled after he began being harassed by an agent of the National Intelligence Service (Service National des Renseignements, or SNR). The agent told him to join the party in power and denounce his colleagues. He received similar phone calls up to four times a day.
A few months after the threats began, two SNR agents barged into his home. They asked him several questions about the leader of his party, but the victim was unable to answer any of them. After searching his house, the two agents took Mr O.R. away. The next day, the victim’s body was found nearby, riddled with bullets and bearing signs of torture.
Since then, and despite ample media coverage, no investigation has been carried out. The victim’s family remains in complete ignorance and no presumed author has been arrested.
In 2015, TRIAL seized the file and took it to a human rights protection organisation. In its complaint, it alleged that the murder of Mr O.R. is, among others, a violation of his rights to live, to non-discrimination, to freedom and to freedom of speech.


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