Sexual Violence: Congolese NGOs and TRIAL fight the same battle

06.07.2016 ( Last modified: 29.09.2016 )

Congolese NGOs provide assistance to thousands of victims of sexual violence in their quest for justice. TRIAL International stands with them in their struggle, notably by providing targeted training programs.

The fight against impunity for sexual violence in DRC is only possible thanks to the considerable documentation work of local human rights defenders – a task they sometimes carry out at the risk of their life. To support them in this role, TRIAL International has developed a training program devoted to the documentation of sexual violence as an international crime.

Based on the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict, the program trains participating NGOs to gather evidence and conduct effective interviews while adapting to the special needs of sexual violence victims. In addition to this theoretical knowledge, each NGO will conduct field documentation missions, with a view to opening proceedings before Congolese courts or international bodies.

Finally, TRIAL International also invites experts to train participants in the use of personal and digital security tools. Indeed, the documentation of serious crimes often leads to threats and intimidation not only against the victims but also against the human rights defenders themselves.


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