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Are war games free of rules? A report by TRIAL and Pro Juventute

19.11.2009 - (Last modified: 17.07.2017)
Globe Global
Pro Juventute and TRIAL, the Swiss association for international criminal justice, have examined whether and to which extent international humanitarian law is respected in computer and video games. The result is as deflating as reality. The organisation calls upon game producers to consequently and creatively incorporate rules of international humanitarian law and hum...

BiH: TRIAL brings third enforced disappearance case to the UN

12.11.2009 - (Last modified: 17.07.2017)
In November 2009, the Advocacy Center – TRIAL (ACT) submitted a communication to the UN Human Rights Committee concerning the enforced disappearance of Mr. Safet Kozica. ACT represents Mirha Kozica, Bajazit Kozica and Selima Kozica, respectively mother, brother and sister of the disappeared.   Mr. Safet Kozica was last seen on 16 June 1992 in the hands of members o...

Alleged Algerian torturer barely escapes Swiss justice

18.10.2009 - (Last modified: 17.07.2017)
Geneva, 18 October 2009 - Mr. Bouguerra SOLTANI, leader of the Islamist party Movement for the Society of Peace, who was in Switzerland last Friday and against whom a criminal complaint alleging acts of torture was submitted to Fribourg’s investigating judge, left Switzerland before he could be arrested. On 12 October 2009 TRIAL (Track Impunity Always – Swiss Assoc...
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Thank you for your interest in TRIAL’s activities. Unfortunately, this page does not exist in English. The French version of the page is however available.

BiH: second Vogosca family defended by TRIAL

26.08.2009 - (Last modified: 17.07.2017)
n August 2009, the Advocacy Center – TRIAL (ACT) submitted a communication to the UN Human Rights Committee concerning the enforced disappearance of Huso Zlatarac and Nedžad Zlatarac. ACT represents Hasiba Zlatarac and Alma Cardakovic, wife and daughter respectively of Huso Zlatarac and mother and sister respectively of Nedžad Zlatarac.  On 4 May 1992, Huso Zlatara...
Globe Global
TRIAL had actively engaged in the consultation procedure for the implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court into Swiss law from its very early stages: it provided a detailed expert analysis of the initial draft of amendments to the Swiss Criminal Code, as well as relevant statements concerning some important aspects of the project. TRIAL...

BiH: a whole family abducted

27.07.2009 - (Last modified: 17.07.2017)
In July 2009, an individual communication against Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) has been submitted to the Human Rights Committee concerning the enforced disappearance of Fikret Prutina. The Advocacy Center TRIAL (ACT) is representing Fatima Prutina, wife of the disappeared. On 4 May 1992, Fikret Prutina was arrested in Svrake (BiH) by the Serb army together with his...
Globe Global
This decision will allow the NGO to better defend of the interests of victims of international crimes before the various organs of the United Nations.  Geneva, 27 July 2009. The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) today granted TRIAL (Track Impunity Always) consultative status. ECOSOC is the organ of the United Nations which has specific responsi...
Severe torture inflicted on Mr. Nouar Abdelmalek In July 2009, the Advocacy Center TRIAL (ACT) filed an individual communication against Algeria before the Committee against Torture on behalf of Mr. Nouar Abdelmalek. This is the fourteenth application submitted against Algeria by ACT. A former member of the Algerian army, Mr. Abdelmalek was arrested twice in...

International Justice Day and Geneva Conventions: take the quiz

17.07.2009 - (Last modified: 17.07.2017)
Globe Global
Celebrating International Justice Day (July 17, 2009), and considering the upcoming 60th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions (August 12, 2009), TRIAL launches an online quiz. How much do you know about the Geneva Conventions. Would you qualifiy to be an ICRC delegate? Would you be accepted as prosecutor in an international court? Or, on the contrary, are S...
TRIAL submits a General Allegation on Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances Under its mandate, the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances (UNWGEID) can transmit to the governments concerned a summary of allegations received from relatives of disappeared people and NGOs wi...

Algeria: enforced disappearance of Farid Faraoun

07.06.2009 - (Last modified: 17.07.2017)
Farid Faraoun case at the United Nations Human Rights Committee In May 2009, the Advocacy Center TRIAL (ACT) submitted an individual communication to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in the name of Mouni Aouali, Feryale Faraoun et Fatiha Bouregba on behalf of their husband, father and son, Farid Faraoun. This is the thirteenth application submitted...
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