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Testimonies: when international bodies finally deliver justice

15.08.2018 - (Last modified: 19.12.2018)
Aimable and Emery both suffered a sadly similar fate: victims of torture by Burundian authorities in 2006 and 2007, they...
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Burundi: Call to renew the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry

08.08.2018 - (Last modified: 19.12.2018)
To Permanent Representatives of Member and Observer States of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva, Switzerla...
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Human rights under threat in Switzerland?

31.07.2018 - (Last modified: 19.12.2018)
An initiative proposes that the Swiss Constitution should prevail over international law. A scenario with potentially di...
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“Hama 82 belongs to a long story of injustice”

12.07.2018 - (Last modified: 19.12.2018)
On 2 February 1982, Syrian government forces, including the Defense Brigades, attacked the city of Hama to crush opponen...
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Pierre-Claver Mbonimpa spent 2 years in prison in Burundi because of his political views. He experienced torture, humili...
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“I ask for the word ‘victim’ not to be used”

05.07.2018 - (Last modified: 19.12.2018)
“The victims did not survive, they are underground. I ask for that word not to be used: it makes me feel like I am not a...
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“They were raping our girls”

04.07.2018 - (Last modified: 19.12.2018)
Rémy Cingo is a father from Kavumu, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. When a militia started raping girls and bab...
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“You are the victim now, and I am the victor”

29.06.2018 - (Last modified: 20.12.2018)
Semka Agic was repeatedly raped during the war in the former Yugoslavia. She tells of her decade-long quest for justice,...
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“The torturers seek to crush your soul”

25.06.2018 - (Last modified: 09.07.2018)
On this international day, in support of victims of torture, TRIAL International would like to pay tribute to a victim i...
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Globe Global
For her two raped daughters, Divine overcame her fears and testified in the courtroom: “We were pushed down and told we...
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“A married woman cannot talk about her rape”

19.06.2018 - (Last modified: 20.06.2018)
Held captive by a warlord, Gloria went through hell: beating, starvation, sexual slavery. When she was set free, she fac...
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On 12 June, the appeal trial of Kavumu Case began in Bukavu (DRC). The case relates to the rape of 40 girls for fetishis...
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