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Argor case: Important decision of the Federal Criminal Court

03.02.2014 ( Last modified: 12.07.2017 )

The Swiss Federal Criminal Court (FCC) rendered a decision on the Argor case on January 24, 2014. It reveals that a search was conducted on the premises of the Swiss refining company on November 4, 2013, following the opening of proceedings on alleged aggravated money laundry and complicity in the looting of raw materials. Documentation and computers were seized on this occasion by the federal police.


” The decision of the FCC corroborates with what we have always believed : very serious suspicions weigh on Argor-Heraeus SA. This decision will now allow the authorities to continue the investigation, the results of which we will wait with great interest ” said Bénédict De Moerloose, lawyer in charge of the case at TRIAL.

Argor-Heraeus SA had appealed against this search, refuting the allegations against them. But the FCC considered fully justified the measures taken by the prosecuting authority (search and seizure), given the importance of the evidence provided by TRIAL.

The decision of the FCC also shows that Argor-Heraus SA has never been cleared by any authority, despite what the company has continued to claim.

Argor-Heraeus SA was denounced by TRIAL last November for having refined nearly three tonnes of gold, pillaged by an armed group during the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Following this complaint, the Federal Prosecutor in charge of war crimes cases opened a criminal investigation against the company for aggravated money laundry and complicity in war crimes.


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